Your "Go-to" Abrasive for Standard, Everyday Jobs


GMA SpeedBlastTM is our fast cleaning, general purpose abrasive for a
wide variety of less challenging industrial blasting requirements. It offers
exceptionally fast blasting performance for removal of light to medium
coatings and/or rust. It outperforms other abrasives due to its hardness,
low consumption rates and durability that improves productivity and
ensures a superior surface finish.

Throughout the world, garnet is recognised as the leading high performance, cost efficient and safe choice for a variety of blasting applications.



Product Summary


  • Quick and easy abrasive for general industrial blasting requirements
  • Ideal for a broad range of applications
  • Low consumption rate.




Fast removal of medium coatings and/or medium rust.

  • Uniform surface profile: 50 - 85 μm
  • Blasting rates: Up to 33 m2/hr
  • Consumption rates: 10-12 kg/m
  • General industrial maintenance
  •  Light rust and low-medium mil coatings
  • Power coating removal and preparation
  •  Wet abrasive blasting maintenance grade
  • Construction and maintenance on tanks, pipes, pressure vessels and offshore platform decking.
  • Oil & Gas
  •         - Terminals
            - Offshore production
            - Petroleum refining
  • Energy generation & transmission
  • Construction & infrastructure
  • Shipbuilding, maintenance and repair
  • Pipelines
  • Metal fabrication
  • Water & wastewater treatment

SpeedBlast-Leaflet-Global-Reference-Image.jpg    Satah Al Razbooth Offshore Oil Field   

    GMA SpeedBlast is the preferred abrasive for surface preparation work for Oil Tech’s major offshore
    project – Satah Al Razbooth Package #4 (SARB 4 Project) Offshore Oil Field Abu Dhabi – UAE. GMA’s
    secure supply, long term pricing, high productivity, cost effectiveness and garnet recovery solutions
    demonstrated undeniable advantages for Oil Tech. Tanks, pipelines and structures were blasted with
    GMA SpeedBlast.