The Most Popular Waterjet Abrasive

GMA ClassicCut™ range is a versatile, all-purpose abrasive ideal
for general waterjet cutting. It is recognised as the industry
standard waterjet cutting abrasive among manufacturers’ globally.
GMA ClassicCut consists of the highest quality alluvial garnet
engineered to achieve optimum surface finish and cutting speeds.


Unique Features


  • High quality alluvial almandine garnet
  • Advanced wet and dry production facilities remove unwanted dust particles
  • Rigorous grading and quality control procedures eliminating oversize particles.


World class GMA GarnetTM maximises production and reduces equipment downtime. ClassicCut-2-300x243.jpg

  • Supports peak performance
  • Offers high production rates and superior edge quality
  • Tightly graded to minimise downtime and maximise production
  • World’s most popular waterjet abrasives.
  ClassicCutTM Range Focusing Tube Orifice
High Speed Cutting ClassicCutTM 50
Speed cutting with concession at the cutting edge quality.

600 - 200 micron

*Not available in Americas


.016  - .018''
.407 - .457mm
Precision Edge
(Industry Standard)
ClassicCutTM 80
The most popular waterjet cutting abrasive grade used
worldwide that delivers the optimum balance of cutting
speed and precision edge for a wide variety of applications. 

300 - 150 micron

.030  - .040''
.762 - 1.02mm

.010 - .014''
.254 - .356mm
High Precision Edge ClassicCutTM 120
Offers high precision and versatile cutting speeds where a narrow
kerf is demanded. Ideal for thinner, softer or brittle materials
such as marble, brass, plastic and ceramics. 

200 - 100 micron

.020 - .030''
.508 - .762mm

.007 - .010''
.178 - .254mm
  • Stone, granite and marble  cutting
  • Metalworking 
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Défense
  • Glass cutting
  • Transportation
  • Plastic


  Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

   The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world (2,716.5 feet) with more than 160 stories   
   high. It is also the tallest global free-standing structure and its structural steel facets and
   frames were manufactured using waterjet machines cutting with GMA ClassicCutTMgarnet.



  Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

  The majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the  third largest mosque in the world at
  22,412 m2. It holds more than 40,000 worshippers and the project took 12 years to completed
  with a reported cost of $545 million. The marble floor and its intricate floral designs in the
  mosque was cut with GMA ClassicCutTM garnet.




  Landtag of Brandenburg (Brandenburg State Parliament), Germany


  The Landtag of Brandenburg was reconstructed in City Palace,    Potsdam since 2014. The
  facade design is a famous element of prestige architecture and elections are held in the
  premise every 5 years. GMA GarnetTM ClassicCut 80 was used to manufacture custom
  designed fixing brackets for the parliament extension.



  Premium Aerotec, Germany

  Premium Aerotec is one of the world's leading suppliers for aircraft construction based in
  Augsburg, Germany. They specialise in the design and production of large and small complex
  contour aerospace parts. GMA GarnetTM has been the preferred choice for precision
  titanium cutting where achieving high quality edge is required for Airbus aircraft body parts.